Current Events 06-Oct-10 Inside Lima- Lord of the Miracles Procession

This month, Carlos Morelli from Insidelima will be talking about the ‘Lord of the Miracles Procession.’ This is the most crowded religious event in the world and it takes place in Lima. Hundreds of thousands of people follow the holy image of the ‘Lord of Miracles,’ becoming a kind of purple sea that covers the downtown streets. This tradition is very old and was first followed only by the local slaves. Now is considered a symbol for all the Peruvians, and it is possible to find similar processions all over the world: in New York, in Milan, in Buenos Aires, etc. Carlos is always glad to give suggestions about books to read, films to see and exhibitions to visit. You will also receive info about the local events so you can be sure to enjoy Lima like a local!

Cost: Members $1, Non-members $2

Date: Wednesday 6th of October from 6-8pm.

Where: Lima Clubhouse, Calle Piura 135, Miraflores


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