‘Centro Cultural de España’ – Santa Beatriz presents ‘Poder Verde’. Art pieces by a group of artists originally from the Amazon Forest. Until March 27. Free.

‘Centro Cultural Peruano Británico’ – Miraflores presents ‘Young artists from Arequipa’. March 3 until April 30. Free.
‘Amaranto’ Art Gallery – Barranco presents ‘Bitácora de Viaje’. Hosted in a beautiful and typical ‘rancho barranquino’, this new gallery exhibits paintings and sculptures by artists coming from different Peruvian regions. Ayacucho 269. March. Free.

‘Alianza Francesa’ – Miraflores presents an event called: ‘Volunteering, Solidarity and Cultural Exchange’ by France Volontaires. Film and discussion. March 15th 8:00 pm.

Films: AF – Miraf. presents also two of the best films by Jacques Tati: ‘Play Time’ (March 28) and ‘Parade’ (March 31st), both at 7:30 pm. Free.

‘Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso’ presents 4 conferences about Lima. Architecture, Cartography and Sociology. Every Wednesday of March 7:00 pm. Free.


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