Thematic Tours: Chamans in Lima


This tour was realized with the italian photoreporter Andrea Frazzetta. We visited many chamans located in 3 main city areas: Downtown, La Parada and Ate.

The result of these tours was a reportage that appeared in the Italian magazine ‘Internazionale’.

Chamans are very popular in Peru. A high percent of the population apply to them instead of visiting the doctor or the psychologist. Chamans could be divided into 3 main groups: those from the north (Piura, Lambayeque); those from the south (Cusco, Puno); and those from the Amazon Forest. Being Lima a kind of summary of Peru, it is possible to find here chamans from all around the country, from which more than the half are fake. Even though, it is possible to find serious chamans that have received this capacity as a heritage that goes through many generations.

Internazionale. Portfolio: Guaritori urbani. Molti peruviani si affidano ai curanderos per risolvere i problemi di salute, d’amore o di lavoro. E il parlamento potrebbe presto equiparare gli sciamani tradizionali ai medici. Le foto di Andrea Frazzetta. 


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